ZED RUN Metaverse Cup FAQs

How does the ZED RUN Metaverse Cup work with lending / borrowing?

As borrowers are not able to attach or remove skins from racehorses, all prizes will be awarded to the owner of the racehorse. However, borrowers can still race any racehorses they borrow with World Cup skins attached, and these races will count towards the various challenges.

Can I participate in challenges by entering free races?

Yes, both free and paid races will count for all skin-gated challenges during this campaign, however paid races will count for double points for the Group Stage team challenges and all individual challenges.

How are teams allocated for the team challenges?

The 32 teams competing in the team challenges are determined by the different skins. For example, if you own a France skin, you are teaming up with every other stable owner who has a France skin — there are 50 of each Metaverse Cup Skin, so if all Metaverse Cup Skins are used, there will be 50 racehorses per team.

If I own two different skins, which team am I on?

Both! Your team is determined on a racehorse-level, not a stable-level. If you own two racehorses, one with the English skin, and the other with a Ghana skin, each racehorse's results will be contributing to the England and Ghana teams respectively.

If I use the same Metaverse Cup Skin on multiple racehorses for the same challenge, will all their races count?

Only the racehorse with the Metaverse Cup Skin attached to it last will have their races counted.

If I buy a Metaverse Cup Skin in the middle of a team challenge, can I still compete?

Yes! As long as your racehorse has a Metaverse Cup Skin attached to it at the end of a challenge period, that racehorse's results will still count.

If I sell a Metaverse Cup skin, will my races still be counted towards the individual awards?

If you sell your Metaverse Cup skin during a challenge and the new owner races with it, your races will not count. If the new owner doesn't race with it by the end of the challenge, then your racehorse's races will still count.

If I use multiple countries' Metaverse skins on the same racehorse, will all their races be counted for individual awards?

No — if a racehorse races twice with a Senegal skin and twice with a South Korea skin, only the races with the last skin it wore will count.