Stamina is a dynamic, variable attribute within every racehorse. Each racehorse has its own unique Stamina variable, which defines the rate at which it tires. See the diagram below for more information.
For some racehorses, it will take longer to reach 0% Stamina than others. This is part of the discovery process for stable owners. It is up to each stable owner to discover and determine their racehorse's Stamina and the rate at which it recovers.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Racehorses stamina must be higher than 90% in order to keep earning XP and progress to the next Level.

How Stamina Works

Stamina allows 99% of racehorses to run 5-10 races before their performance is affected by stamina depletion.
During these 5-10 races, a racehorse is able to perform at its full potential but it will still lose stamina. While a racehorse’s stamina remains above 90%, it is in the ‘Fresh’ stamina status range which means it will be at its peak performance level.
With every race it runs within the span of a 12-hour period, the racehorse will continue to tire and stamina will deplete, reducing its maximum potential speed. Once a racehorse’s stamina falls below 90% its performance will be affected.
The point of difference between each racehorse comes down to the unique stamina variable it possesses. A racehorse will begin to regenerate stamina based on the time since it last raced.
To fully recover to 100%, a racehorse must wait 12 hours from the completion of its previous race. However, as long as a racehorse is at 90% or higher, putting it in the ‘Fresh’ stamina status range, it would be able to perform at full potential.
Example: If a racehorse runs 10 races in a row and its stamina depletes to 74%, the owner would need to rest that racehorse for 12 hours after the completion of the 10th race in order to return to 100% stamina.

Stamina Bars & Status

Stamina bars and percentages are visible across the ZED platform to gauge how your racehorse's potential performance may be affected in its next race.
Alongside these bars and percentages, each racehorse will have a stamina status based on their percentage of remaining stamina. The statuses are Fresh, Active, Tired and Exhausted, and each reflects a specific state of a racehorse's stamina.
Fresh (100-90%): The racehorse will be at peak performance while 'Fresh'. The stamina bar moves downwards but remains white while in this range. Active (89-80%): The racehorse’s maximum potential speed is reduced but remains strong. The stamina bar changes to light blue. Tired (79-30%): The racehorse’s maximum potential speed is reduced, consider resting. The stamina bar changes to dark blue. Note: no class points will be lost if a racehorse is run while below 80% stamina. Exhausted (29-0%): The racehorse’s maximum potential speed is severely reduced, wait to recover. The stamina bar changes to red.
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