Conditional Tournaments

In addition to the more general ZED RUN tournaments, like the recurring Daily Tournaments, there are also conditional tournaments available, which offer opportunities for racehorses that might otherwise not be seen on the racetrack.
These conditional tournaments sit on top of existing tournament formats, utilising the same formats and structures, but they are limited to certain segments of racehorses based on the particular condition.
Current Conditions include:
  • Breed-type (e.g. Pacer only, Exclusive Only)
  • Genotype (e.g. Z268 only, Z50+ only)
For some conditional tournaments, there is only an 'A' bracket and no 'B' bracket, unlike the Daily Tournaments which feature both.
The conditional tournaments have specially generated racing events that are exclusive to racehorses that meet the conditional criteria. For example, for a Pacer-only Fibonacci Cup, class-independent Pacer-only races will generate and these will be the only races that count towards qualifying of the tournament.
You can see which conditional tournaments are upcoming by visiting the Tournaments page on the ZED RUN site. This will show upcoming tournaments and their entry requirements.