Frequently Asked Questions

Conditional Tournaments - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter my racehorse(s) into the Conditional Tournaments?

Entering conditional tournaments works in the same way as entering a standard daily tournament. However your racehorse will need to run in special Open Class races, rather than in the normal class system races (Class 1 to 6).

How do I know what the scoring format is for a Conditional Tournament?

Currently, conditional tournaments replace the existing scheduled daily tournament. This means that the scoring system will reflect the daily tournament that would have been taking place. For example, if a conditional tournament was scheduled for Wednesday, it would use The Fibonacci Cup scoring system. You can find the rules for each daily tournament on their individual pages here in the Guide.

Will my racehorse only run against other eligible racehorses?

Yes, there will be special Open Class races which only racehorses that are eligible for the tournament will be able to enter. These are the only races that will count towards qualification.

Can I race in Open Class races if my horse is still in Discovery?

Yes, for all conditional tournaments your racehorse will be able to participate in Open Class races even before it has completed Discovery. However, a racehorse will still need to complete a Griffin race before running in any other type of race.
Any Open Class races that your racehorse runs in will not count towards it completing Discovery and your post-Discovery class point rating will not be impacted by any Open Class races you participate in while your racehorse is in Discovery.

What is the prize money for conditional tournaments?

Due to the smaller segments of eligible racehorses, conditional tournaments will have a total prize pool of $10,500 USD.

Are there also standard daily tournaments on the days that conditional tournaments occur?

Initially, conditional daily tournaments will replace the standard daily tournaments. However, the aim is to add standard tournaments alongside them so that are a variety are running at the same time.

What happens if a bracket for a conditional tournament does not fill?

If any given tournament distance funnel receives less than 384 qualified horses, but more than 192, the A bracket will run as usual, but there will be no B bracket finals run.
If any given tournament distance funnel receives less than 192 qualified horses, the finals will be cancelled altogether and no tournament will occur.

Will Open Class races be available at all times?

No, Open Class races will only generate when there is a conditional tournament scheduled.
Any unfilled Open Class races remaining when Qualification ends will be cancelled and racehorses returned to their stables.