The Talladega Cup


The Talladega Cup will take place from April 16, 12am UTC - April 24, 12am UTC.

NASCAR Pass Holder Snapshot

A snapshot of NASCAR Pass holders will be taken taken April 14 at 12:01am UTC / April 15 10:01am AEST. This snapshot will grant eligibility to enter the Talladega Cup.
You must have the racehorses you are entering in the Talladega Cup in the same wallet as your NASCAR Pass to be eligible. Please keep them in the same wallet for the duration of the event and, if you win any prize money, until that has been paid out.


  • $75k prize pool
  • 8x pairs of VIP Garage Passes and Grandstand Tickets to the October 2, 2022 Talladega NASCAR event

Core Tournament Format

  • $50k prizepool
  • 48 winners for each distance funnel
  • 144 total qualifying racehorses

Qualifying Period

  • April 16, 12am UTC - April 21, 12am UTC
  • $100 for qualifying = $14,400 total
  • Restricted to 1 racehorse per pass. The racehorse that has the most points during the qualifying period is the one that qualifies. In the event of a tiebreaker, ZED RUN will select the racehorse.

Qualifying Point Format

  • Cumulative scoring
  • Free racing: 1st: 3 points, 2nd: 2 points, 3rd: 1 point
  • Paid racing: 1st: 9 points, 2nd: 6 points, 3rd: 3 points

Quarter Finals

  • 12 races
  • Starts 10pm UTC - April 22nd
  • 3 distance funnels
  • Distances will be predetermined by the Live Ops team
  • $989 prize pool
  • Top 3 racehorses advance

Semi Final

  • 3 races
  • Starts 10pm UTC - April 23rd
  • 3 distance funnels
  • Distances will be predetermined by the Live Ops team
  • $3,955 prize pool
  • Top 4 racehorses advance

Grand Final

  • 5 races
  • Starts 5pm UTC - April 24th
  • $11,865 prize pool with VIP garage passes
  • Flat payment to top 6 racehorses
  • Top 3 receive garage passes
  • Top 4 racehorses from each distance funnel
  • Grand Final event runs 5 races with the same 12 racehorses to see who wins the most points (1000m, 1400m, etc.)
  • Grand Final event has its own point system to determine top 3 winners based on points earned in the 5 races
  • Top three grand finals winners each get a pair of garage passes. Winners will be contacted via email notifying them of how to receive the garage passes

Grand Final Scoring System

1st: 5 points 2nd: 4 points 3rd: 3 points 4th: 2 points 5th: 1 point

The Talladega Pit Stop Tournament

  • $25k prize pool
  • Top 100 fastest times at 2600m
  • $125 per winner
  • 5x fastest times each win a pair of VIP Garage Passes (MAX 1x per stable)
  • Bottom 100 slowest times at 2600m
  • $125 per winner
A racehorse is allowed to finish in the top and bottom 100 times.

Terms & Conditions

Please refer to the Talladega Cup Terms and Conditions and Pit Stop Tournament Terms and Conditions for more information.