ZED RUN Weekly Premiers


Weekly Premiers will run across all areas of racing every week, with races in each Class divided into segments, each with its own specific type of races, set of qualifying processes, event formats and rewards.
The top-performing racehorses in each segment will win prizes ranging from Experience Points to cash rewards.
If you're racing, you're qualifying for a Premier because every race counts!

Qualifying for Weekly Premiers begins each week at 12:00 AM on Monday UTC.


Weekly Premiers highlight the best of the best across the ecosystem, with rewards scaling based on competition level. From XP multipliers in free events to large cash payouts for high stakes racing, there are multiple ways to win.
Current Weekly Prize Pool Allocation: $30,000 USD!

Types of Segments

Each class will have a varying degree of availability and a variety of formats.
  • Maiden Stakes
    • Weekly premier for racehorses with less than 21 lifetime races
  • Class-Based
    • Any race open to any racehorse within a Class
  • Level Based Conditionals
    • Available within a Class, but only racehorses currently within the eligible level range can register
  • Lifetime Race Limited Conditionals
    • Available within a Class, but only racehorses with less than the eligible amount of lifetime races can register
  • Breeding Based Conditionals
    • Available within a Class, but only racehorses bred on or after the eligible date can register

Qualifying Event Formats

In each segment, a varied selection of events will be available. Not all formats are available in each Class or Segment.
6 Racehorse Free Events
  • Free Races
    • Rewarding only XP
6 Racehorse Paid Events
  • Top 2
    • 70% to 1st place, 30% to 2nd place
  • Double Up (DBL UP)
    • 34% to 1st, 33% to 2nd and 33% to 3rd

Premier Scoring System

In Weekly Premiers, it truly pays to win! All Weekly Premiers will use the Premier Scoring System:
1st - 10 points
2nd - 7 points
3rd - 5 points
4th - 3 points
5th - 2 points
6th - 1 point

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell which races are used for qualifying for each tournament?
Currently, all races qualify for Weekly Premiers. You can identify races for each segment based on the associated tags in the race lobby, or by selecting the race and identifying which tournament the race is associated with. You can also check the tournament standings page for more details. Some tournaments, like the Class Based weekly premiers have multiple payout options that qualify, so be sure to check out the availability in the guide!
How do I know what distances each distance category will use for final rounds?
Each week the distance for each distance category used in the final rounds will rotate. Beginning with 1000m for sprinters, 1600m for midrunners and 2200m for marathoners, moving one distance each week.
Where can I find out what rewards are available each week for Weekly Premiers?
The rewards for Weekly Premiers vary depending on segment and class. Each tournament information page will have all details regarding rewards.
Is there a tiebreaker for ranking qualifiers?
Yes, for Weekly Premiers that utilise the average of your best scores, when two racehorses are tied the racehorse that has raced the least number of times to achieve that score will place ahead of their tied opponent.
Where can I find more information about the Weekly Premier for each Class?
More info on each Class's Weekly Premier availability can be found in the following pages of The Guide.