Racing FAQ

How do I participate in free racing?

To participate in free racing, all you need is to do is create a stable from ZED RUN and purchase a racehorse from our marketplace and or Opensea (decentralised NFT marketplace). Once you have at least one racehorse in your stable, head over to the events page and look for the ‘free racing’ icon!

Why should I participate in a free race?

Participating in a free race allows you to see how your racehorse performs at different distances and against a different racehorses. While tournaments are live, free races can also sometimes count towards qualification.

How do I claim my winnings from paid races?

If your racehorse comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd position, the winnings will be automatically distributed to you.

What happens if I don’t receive my winnings?

In some instances, payout transactions may fail. If this happens to you, sit tight, as the transaction will automatically distribute the winnings to you. If you still experience issues, submit a support ticket using the green help button at the bottom left of the site.

If I nominate a horse for a race, and the horse sells before the race runs, who receives the funds?

The user/wallet that nominates the horse for the race is the wallet that will receive the winnings.

How many racehorses can I enter in a free race?

To ensure fairness, you can enter one racehorse into every free race. There is no limit on how many free races you can enter into.

Does free racing go on my racehorse(s) record?

Yes. The results from any free race you participate in will be included in your racing statistics.

How many free races are there per day?

Free race events will be scheduled throughout the day across all class types. Be sure to visit our events page for a full list of upcoming free races. Get in quick though, as these free races will fill up fast!

Can I still see odds from my racehorse's historic races?

Yes. Historic odds that exist now will still be accessible from third-party sites. No new odds for horses will be created..

Can my racehorse still win if it's at low stamina?

Yes, but its chances will be reduced. Stamina primarily affects your racehorse's maximum speed.

If I can only enter each racehorse in one race at a time, is there a limit to how many races in a row I can enter?

No. You can enter any given racehorse in as many races in a row as you wish, but you must consider that a racehorse will lose stamina.

If my racehorse is at low stamina, can I still enter it into more races?

Yes. You can continue enter your racehorse into more racing events, even if when it is at low stamina.

Can my racehorse die from low stamina?

No. Over-racing your racehorse will not result in its death.

When does my racehorse's stamina go back to zero?

A racehorse’s stamina will reach 100%, meaning fully recovered, 12 hours after its most recent race.

How many races can my horse be entered in at once?

One. As soon as that race entered is finished, you will be able to enter your racehorse in another race.

If I win a ‘Below 5% win rate’ race, can I still enter in more?

Yes, you can continue entering and winning these races until your racehorse's win rate exceeds 5%. If after more races your horse's win rate falls below 5% again, you will be able to re-enter these races.

Will I be able to drop down a class when my racehorse performs poorly in higher class races?

No. Your racehorse will not be able to lose class rating points by losing in a higher class race. For example, if your horse is a Class IV runner, and you enter it in a Class I race and lose, it will not lost any class rating points. Therefore it will not be downgraded into Class V.

Why did you remove odds?

The team aimed to provide a more fair approach to racing and promote racehorse discovery.

Without odds, how do I figure out if my horse is a good racer?

The discovery process is meant to be an exciting and challenging experience for stable owners. To truly find out if you have a winning racehorse, you will need to enter your racehorse across all distances, multiple times to begin discovering and learning its distance preference. You can also use the race performance indicator (🔥) as a tool to help with your horse discovery process.

What does the flame symbol (🔥) mean?

The flame is a race performance indicator that appears next to the three racehorses which are the most likely to win/place (finish in the top 3 positions) in any given race.

Why did you introduce stamina?

Stamina adds another layer of complexity to ensure more fair racing.

Why did you remove queues?

The team listened to the community, and after receiving feedback about the growing wait times for races, wanted to ensure users can enjoy more races, more often.

Why can I only enter one race per horse?

This is to ensure the fairness and integrity of race eligibility for racehorses. For example, if you were to submit your horse into three races, one of which is a 0% win racing event and two other racing events, and win one, you would technically no longer be eligible for the 0% win racing event.
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